Other Services

Industrial Trade License

Manufacturing enterprises and industrial companies are required to have an industrial license in the UAE. Industrial trade licenses are issued by the Department of Economic …

Tourism License

UAE is a leading tourism hub and has a high demand for tourism business licenses in the region. Tourism trade license in Dubai and across …

Audit & Assurance

systematic review and assessment of information or documents to make sure everyting is on track

Performance Improvement

Elevate every function of your company in order to outperform your competition in the market

Commercial Trade License

A commercial trade license is issued to a company involved in any sort of commercial trade activity. Both general traders, as well as specialized trades, …

Financial Consulting

Professionally suggests and renders financial services based on the current financial situation

Bonds & Commodities

Allows company to have a stable financial base, allowing to take more risks because of steady source of income.

Strategic Planning

Process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources

Financial Projections

Estimate future financial outcomes for a company or project, usually applied in budgeting, capital budgeting or valuation

Professional License

UAE Professional licenses are granted based on the educational entitlement and area of expertise. Acquiring a professional license include several factors. These such as documentation …